Main Bios Checksum Error?

Hey everyone, i had a little problem when i booted up my PC this morning. When i turned it on, i got a black screen that said "main Bios Checksum Error". Then it said something about "Bios Recovery" from something. Unfortunately i dont quite remember exactly what it said. It was something about bios recovery, and it said that for a few seconds. Then my PC turned off, then back on for a few seconds, turned off again, and then finally on again, all without me touching anything. And then..... Everything was fine. It booted up, i put in my password and everything seems normal. Its the same PC im sitting at right now. But of course im still a bit worried. Anyone know what the problem was/is? And should i be worried that it comes back in a more permanent state?

Also, sorry if this is the wrong forum, but i didnt know where else to put it.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Remove the battery for 30 secs.
    You will need to change the settings in the bios once again.
  2. Even if the problem is gone? Ive had no problems since this morning. I played some video games for a few hours, then turned it off. I turned it back on a few minutes ago, and everything is still fine. It only happened that one time.
  3. I would recommend doing it even if it works fine.
    Something may come back to haunt you.
  4. I also got the "main Bios Checksum Error" and then it said "Bios Recovery" then it reboot and restart without ever getting to the OS. Removing the battery and waiting a few was the fix!
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