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when run test on hitachi hard disk by program Everest show

ID Attribute Description Threshold Value Worst Data Status
05 Reallocated Sector Count 5 100 100 458808 OK: Value is normal

and when run by HD tune show

Description number of damaged sector have been replaced : 458808

Status the drive has damaged sectors

I want to know what this mean by Reallocation sector count

second I want to know how to fix it thanks
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  1. All is good..... down this side. :)
    It most probably tells you that the number of faulty sectors which have been re-allocated is within the "Normal" range of a normal HDD in the Everest Prog.

    HDTune tells you that the re-allocated sectors are in the amount of 458808 and "Warns" you that your HDD has Bad Sectors on it.

    HDD have some extra space on them just in case the R/W Medium goes through a little wear and tear, a sort of error count, so the HDD happens to be a self heal (In Appearance upto a certain limit) device for some time.

    You cannot fix bad sectors, if they are not blocked by HDD utility programs like Seagates Disk Manager, then the PC is still going to dump data on the bad sectors leading to corrupt data and fatal errors. Slowly increasing the number of bad sectors thereby killing the drive and making you loose all the data on it.
    It is best advised to replace the HDD as soon as possible.
  2. That number doesn't look right. A drive with that many bad sectors should have failed SMART. Either there is a firmware bug that is misreporting this attribute, or we are misinterpreting it.

    Could we see how HD Sentinel or HDDScan report those same attributes?

    If you view the data in hexadecimal, we have ...

    458808 = 0x00070038

    I suspect that the real number of bad sectors is either 0x0007 (= 7) or 0x0038 (= 56).

    Could we see the full SMART report, including the Reallocation Event Count?
  3. this is results by image

    plz answer
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    HD Tune's author doesn't understand how to interpret Hitachi's SMART attributes.

    For example, notice that HD Tune reports "-degC" for the temperature. The raw value for the Airflow Temperature attribute is 506134566. In hexadecimal this is 0x1E2B0026.

    Now this hex number can be broken up into its component bytes/words as follows:

    0x1E 0x2B 0x0026

    In decimal these equate to 30C (= 0x1E), 43C (= 0x2B), and 38C (= 0x0026).

    HDDScan interprets these values as the min, max, and current temperature values.

    Notice that the normalised values of attribute 190 are 62 (Current) and 48 (Worst). In fact the name "Airflow Temperature" is a misnomer. It should be more aptly referred to as Temperature Difference from 100.

    ie Temperature = 100 - Airflow Temperature

    Therefore the current temperature is 38C (100 - 62) and the maximum recorded temperature over the drive's lifetime is 52C (100 - 48). The previous temperature values probably reflect the max, min, and current temperatures for the current power cycle.

    As for the actual number of bad sectors, the following hex values are more meaningful than HD Tune's decimal reports:

    Reallocated Sector Count = 0x000000070038
    Reallocation Event Count = 0x000000000007
    Current Pending Errors = 0x000000000000

    I'm not absolutely certain, but ISTM that the actual number of bad sectors is 0x38 (= 56 decimal), or maybe only 7. That said, I don't understand why the Reallocation Event Count is less than the Reallocated Sector Count, if indeed it is.

    Other odd attribute values include ...

    Reported Command Timeouts = 0x001900E80025
    Reported Uncorrectable Errors = 0x058605750000
    Emergency Retract Count = 0x0000001F001F

    I'm guessing that the actual number of Command Timeouts is 37 (= 0x25), the actual number of Emergency Retracts is 31 (= 0x1F), and the number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors is 0.

    Attribute 191 (G-sense errors) has hit the threshold, which would suggest that there is a vibration or shock problem in your laptop or its environment.
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