Hard drive wont format.

Hey guys,

So ive got a 3TB barracuda hard drive that wont format. Ive run it through seatools and it seems to pass all tests. Can anybody help me out here?
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  1. System spec?
  2. are you running a 64 bit operating system and creating a GPT disk?
  3. I'm running windows 64-bit. Ive tried making both a GPT and MBR disk.
  4. some motherboards wont be able to acces a drive greater then 2 TB because of the allocation limits. Newer boards should be able to acess volumes greater then 2TB This may be your issue.
  5. Is this a new Hd?
    I bought a 2tb barracuda that gave me hell creating a partition. Ended up returning because of the never ending errors on a brand new drive.
  6. Yeah it's new, im running it in a external enclosure.
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