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Now that I'm learning more about computers, I decide to upgrade the memory in my other computers. My laptop have 512 know running xp. I took out the 256 lb card and install a 1gb memory card. Now it works much better.
My other desktop that is running xp have 2 x256 mb and two empty slot. I decide to install a 512 mb in one of the empty slot. Now internet explorer is freezing and locking up the computer. CPU usage shot up to 100%. When I eventually close internet explorer the computer was back to normal. I open Netscape browser and I was able to surf the internet fine. I could see the additional memory I installed under setting.
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  1. IS the new memory the same speed and timings as the old modules ?? Also adding a single module will make the system switch from dual channel mode to single channel due to the odd number of modules in use so will cause some slow down of the memory subsystem so normally you want to keep modules in pairs of the same amount in each set of sockets.
  2. Yes I'm pretty sure its the same speed and timing. I was looking for the same #s just different size mb, but I didn't double check it when I receive it. I will check when I reach home. Why would it work fine in Netscape browser and not internet explorer? I plan to give this desktop to a family member oversea. I didn't want to spend too much on RAM upgrade
  3. I took out a ddr 400 cl3 256mb and install ddr 400 cl3 512 mb and internet explorer is freezing. The other computer came with pc133 128mb x2. I install pc133 512mb x2 and now I'm getting a alarm during post and it won't boot. Keep in mind that its 2 separate desktop
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