So I just found out that my q5550's stock cooler has pre applied thermal paste. I already ordered some thermal paste and I don't really want to return it. My question is, should I apply some of the 3rd party thermal paste on the cpu and combine it with the thermal paste that's on the stock cpu cooler? Or should I save that thermal paste for later when I feel the need to refresh the thermal paste?
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    Are you going to be overclocking it at all?
    if so, clean the pre-app off with alcohol wipes or similar, and apply the new 'good' stuff you've bought
    if not, you can stick with the pre-app stuff, it'll last you fine,
    do not,
    DO NOT
    refrain from,
    stop yourself from
    Mixing the two materials,
    one, you'll have far too much tmi on your chip,
    two you'll be posting back on here wondering why your new chips temps are so high/You've fried your chip and/or board
    Please do not mix them, If you stick with the original pre-app, do that, if you use the new stuff, clean the old stuff off, thoroughly.
    Hope this helps
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  3. Thank you for B.a.
    glad to have helped man
  4. Motopsychojdn said:
    Thank you for B.a.
    glad to have helped man

    Yea lol, was probably gonna end up putting both if no one answered.
  5. Glad you didnt hehe :)
  6. I just realized something. Would it be bad to use that thermal paste if has been lying around without use in nearly a year. I got my q9550 like early sept this year. Would it be a better idea to just remove it and use my bought thermal paste?
  7. If the plastic cover was still on it you should be ok, but for ease of mind you can clean that off and use the new stuff you have, loads of vids on youtube for application guides :)
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