Using second card for physx is it worth it ?

I wonder what is the performance gain from using
gtx 280 + 9400 gt for physx
and gtx 470 + 9400 gt for physx

or just one card 280 or 470

please advice

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  1. The GTX 470 is approximately 25% faster than the GTX 280. It also tends to overclock quite well so the advantage will be more significant if you do so.
  2. Its not worth it.. A single GTX 470, if you can afford, will be good..
  3. As long as he already has it might as well use the 9400GT for physx, no reason not to. It's not like it uses much power.
    IF you are asking if you should specifically buy a 9400GT for physx then no, I wouldn't bother.
  4. not the power,I have enough

    I just asking because I have a problem with noise , 2 cards will generate more noise

    so is it worth it to have 470 + 9400 for physx ? or one is enough ? any charts about this ?
  5. The 470 will provide enough noise to make the 9400GT sound non existing.. That means having both of them or just the 470 alone, noise wise its not gonna make any difference..
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    unless you play a few of the games on this list, don't worry about

    the 9400GT won't really help much in the PhysX heavy games TBH, it might actually be slower than using the GTX470 for graphics and PhysX
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