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Hello,when i play my pc games the game starts to slow down for some reason and it goes into like a lagging state. But i know its not my network connection. every now and then it will go out of the lagging state then it will do it again. and when i check the physical memory, it is lower than before i start the game.. does this sound like a usual solution?
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  1. Your memory available will ofc be less, your using memory to run the processes required to run the game
    Post your specs on here and we'll see what we can find out, Motherboard, processor, amount of ram, operating system etc
  2. Window Vista Home Premium
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz
    4.00 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 9800M gs
  3. im playing starcraft
  4. Ok,
    Assuming 32bit O/s?
    Weak link there imo is the gfx card
    have you got any overclocking on there at all?
    what speeds your ram?
    and lastly, do you have a budget to upgrade anything at the moment?
    (Smoketime, bi5)
  5. truthly i dont know how to check most of that, but i do know that it runnin 64bit
  6. Ok,
    fast fix option, get a zip/flash drive, plug it into a usb somewhere out the way, use Readyboost to utilise its memory for ram, that will help you a little,Google readyboost to find out more if you need, I assume its same on vista as Win7, but may be wrong
    Download Cpu-z, run it, it will tell you your system specs in some detail,cpu, memory, lots of things
    Overclocking, have you altered the speed of the cpu at all yourself or is it standard setup? the clockspeed on Cpu-z should be 2.26Ghz acc to your previous post,
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