Good graphics card for gaming?

I have the dell inspiron 530 desktop computer (not slim)... and I need a better graphics card to play games (warhammer online)... here are the specs... my price range is about 50-150$

Windows 7
Inspiron 530 computer
237 GB free left of space
my current graphics card is the Intel(r) G31/G33 which obviously is not good enough.
4 GB of ram
Processor is Intel(R)core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33 GHz
64 - bit operating system
PSU of my comp is 300 W (steady rate)
I do have the PCIe 16x slot

I was originally looking at this card...
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  1. don't get the 9500GT DDR2, it was an entry level gamer card when it launched and the DDR2 version you linked is not up to par against current options.

    You have an under-rated PSU that can give you several options at your price point.

    $75 - 9600GT ; I ran a similar card on the same PSU, just use the 4pin to 6 pin adapter that comes with the card

    $95 - ATI 5670 - no adapter needed, similar performance to the Nvidia 9600GT

    $145 - ATI 5750 - once again use the adapter, the card uses just as much power as the Nvidia 9600GT but much better performance

    Any of the cards are far better then the 9500GT and will run WaR well.
  2. Thanks for the informative post, I think I am sold on the 9600GT
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