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Hey guys, I just installed 2 8800 GTX's in SLI. It was recognized fine, and i enabled SLI in the NVidia control panel. However, once SLI was enabled, all games that i played had discoloration. Every game had a red tint/faint red blotches all over the screen. Once I disabled the SLI, colors were fine again. The games ran fine, no crashes, just the colors were very off. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Bump... slightly desperate. Thanks
  2. 8800GTX's are a bit old now, why go SLi with them now? Has the second card just been got from ebay or somesuch?
  3. Did you test if the new card you got isn't bubkis swap it out put it under load wait for artifacts.
  4. Both Cards are mine, and both cards work. I'm using old cards, because i dont have the money to buy new GPU's atm. Still need help
  5. Dodgy card or PSU would be my guess.
  6. Sounds like a dodgy card. Have you tested the new card on it's own to see if it's got issues? Also.. you might want to uninstall all drivers and then download and install the latest with both cards installed - I had issues with my 8600GTS SLI rig (my secondary machine) because I installed drivers with one card in, added the second card and then had issues with SLI. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it found and worked fine with the second card in.
  7. Hmmm, that sounds like a good suggestion acer0169. I have current drivers, but they were installed when I only had one card installed. A slight update, i tried taking out the SLI bridge, and i flipped it around. When i did this, there was no more discoloration ingame. However, now, there are image glitches in my games. For example, in Just Cause 2, the game is extremely warped when sli is enabled. In GTAIV, some models of ingame characters are invisible. I will try reinstalling drivers with both cards in. Thanks.

    As for faulty cards, i have run both of these cards individually. They run fine, even under extreme stress. Thanks
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    Your SLI bridge might have been causing problems then by the sounds of it. If you look at the bridge, the two plastic connections have a lump on one side of them (I don't know how else to describe it) but this should be upright with the lump on top. Your bridge will often have your motherboard's or graphic card's logo on it which should be 90 degrees ACC. They're the best two ways to make sure it's the right way around.

    Check that both cards have enough power also because having a beefy powersupply isn't everything, you need to make sure each card has the correct amperage going to it. You can help have stable power going to your sli setup by having seperate 12v cables going to each card instead of say powering both cards from a single cable connected to the PSU. I also had issues with this on my 8600GTS SLI setup as I was a little green and didn't know much about powersupplies etc.

    Finally, make sure all the settings are correct in your NVIDIA control panel.

    Sometimes setting vsync on over all games or changing the SLI config to alternate frames etc can help with artifacts or strange behaviours.

    Hope this helps.
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  10. I ended up solving this a few days ago. It turned out to be a bad SLI bridge, so i wasted about 3 hours trying different things with switching out GPU's/changing drivers. I just had the thought of trying another SLI bridge that i had, and it was fixed. I wish someone had suggested the bridge first :/
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