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My current PC (bought from eBuyer 18 months ago) came with a motherboard that has a G31mx chipset, so I can't actually use my 4GB of RAM - Windows 7 x64 says 3.25GB useable... Or at least this is the reason I was told for this to happen!

My processor is a Intel Q8300 (Quad core @ 2.5ghz) and I would love for someone to advise me on a motherboard I can buy that will allow me to use all 4GB successfully, I might even upgrade the RAM - however this is irrelevant. :P Although suggestions are welcome.

I also have a 9800GT and a 500w PSU, pretty sure I'll also purchase this SSD (http://www.ebuyer.com/product/225415) with it too, so compatible with this please.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. First of all there's no big difference between 3.25 and 4G of RAM, better spend your money on something else like a video card if you're a gamer. I wouldn't buy a SSD now, there's a new generation around the corner.

    I don't know if the RAM thing is because of that chipset but try this (the first part with the boot/advanced options)


    If not working look for memory remapping in your BIOS and change the default setting.
  2. If you have a 64-bit operating system then you have 4 GB..you must have the 32-bit os as it will max at 4GB and your on board cmos memory and any video card memory will be subtracted from the installed ram...thus giving you 3.25 GB of memory.
    Your cpu is pretty decent....you say you have 4GB in your system...good.
    Your video card is on the weak side....you could find an easy and cheap upgrade by say going to a GTX260, GTX275 or higher depending on your budget and quality of power supply.
    Also, please tell us your power supply brand.....there are cheap ones out there that will cause nothing but problems... Corsair and PC Power and Cooling are 2 I know to be excellent.
    If you want to know if you're running a 64 bit os....click on conrol panel and then system...it will tell you what you have...
    Hope this helps...JQ
  3. The system tab tells me I am running a 64bit OS, it's downloaded from the Microsoft Academy, so I'm sure it's not Windows its self.

    The powersupply came with the PC and is branded 'Zoostorm' (the same as the PC).

    I don't play many PC games, so that's why I'm thinking more of running speed than graphics power...

    Thanks for your help; but I fear upgrading GPU means PSU, in which case I'm at the stage of a new pc rather than a few upgrades for better performance.

    I'd be please to hear opinions
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