Storage architecture vs price HALP!

Hello to whomever read this,

I'm a gamer and Mechanical designer, so i mostly work with large data architectures and advanced 3D modelling and model analysis.

I've had to read about SSD storage as primary drive a little bit here and there. But nothing really concluding when it comes to building data architectures. Alot of people complain about SSD reliability, is it their computing skills the problem or is the technology still too young and unmastered by providers?

Regarding data architectures i've had a few ideas, can someone tell their opinion on the doability or experience on theses;

[SSD Master builds]

1.SSD Master -> HDD Slave is a clasic.
2.SSD 60g Master -> SSD 240g Slave
3. SSD 120g (OS + Design program) Master -> 2x 1T HDD Raid1 slave

[VS builds]

4. SSD 120g Master -> 7400rpm HDD slave VS 2x 10k+rpm Raid1 HDD
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  1. Some information that might help;

    My homemade build:
    PSU: Corsair GX750
    GPU: Sapphire ATI 7850 2G
    CPU: AMD FX-8150
    MB: Asus Sabertooth 990FX
    Casing: CoolerMaster HAF 932
    DRAM: KS HyperX 3x4g @ 1600
    Actual HDD: 5400rpm 1TB Wester Digital
  2. Define "large" how much space you need?

    i would advice
    3. SSD 120g (OS + Design program), keep your 1TB drive for storage, and buy another 1TB for backup

    120GB SSD= ~100$
    1TB drive =~100$

    if you have important data, i say use second 1TB drive as backup and not in Raid due to,.
    (While RAID 1 can be an effective protection against physical disk failure, it does not provide protection against data corruption due to viruses, accidental file changes or deletions, or any other data-specific changes)

    Raid is not substitute for good back up
  3. duxducis said:
    Define "large" how much space you need?

    3. SSD 120g (OS + Design program), keep your 1TB drive for storage, and buy another 1TB for backup

    120GB SSD= ~100$
    1TB drive =~100$

    Space wise i need;
    OS, 5-6 games @ 20go each ±, SolidWorks and/or Catia @ 20go±, each projects takes from 20mo to 1gb. Projects can be saved anywhere without breaking links with program. Music, vids, pictures etc (60go ±)
  4. The typical solution we see here is one solid state drive for the OS, applications, and utilities plus one or more mechanical drives for data storage.

    For quite some time the 120GB and 128GB ssd's were considered to be the sweetspot; however, that has changed. With the price reductions this year the new consensus seems to be purchase the largest ssd you can afford at the lowest possible price. We've seen a few ssd sale prices as low as $0.50 per GB.
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