How to check that all my quad core proccesors working

How can I check that all my Quad core processors are on and working?
this might seem like a silly question but im new to computers and have windows 7 and quad core 2 Q9650
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  1. i mean how can i check that there all working and not just one?
    sorry for the question im new to this
  2. either task manager>performance or download Cpu-z for more detailed info
  3. Thanks :)
    is it because in task manager in performance it shows the cpu with 4 boxes that have lines running in them
  4. Yup, thats what you want to see man, :)
    that shows the usage of each processor in your cpu,and obv, that you have four
    Glad to help
  5. :) thanks for the help
  6. no probs man,Glad to help
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