PC Not Powering Up

My Philips FreeEvents PC decided not to turn on last Thursday.

After some excellent advise on this forum i have changed the PSU - still no power.

I then completely stripped everything out and breadboarded the pc.

I still get the same issue with no hardware connected to the motherboard.

The power light flashes and then nothing.

I can see no burn marks on the MSI MS7357 motherboard.

I have also tried to reset the motherboard with the jumpers and this has not got the system running yet either.

I would have expected the fans to spin if the power unit was working, but i guess if the board if faulty , no power is getting to the components? Is there a way to check the board ?

Many Thanks

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  1. It sounds as if you motherboard is dead. You could take to a shop and have them run diagnostics on it, but that alone would cost as much as replacing the motherboard. Really looks like it is time to buy a new motherboard (there may be more damage to other components as well). Best wishes.
  2. Thats what i believe to be the problem aswell.

    I will take it too a shop locally.

    If the H Drive is okay i hope they can recover my files.

    Many thanks

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