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Can I hook up my PC (in another room), to my TV, to stream movies wireless? Or use my TV as a monitor for my computer wireless? What would I need to buy? My computer specs: 3.2 dual core amd, 4 gigs ddr2 ram, 3870 video card, running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. My TV is an older big screen with analog hookups s-video, or rca. I have searched the web over and over again and there are no clear answers to this question. It sure would be nice to pull off.
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  1. By any chance do you own an XBOX? If so you can use it as an 'extension' of Windows Media Center which will pretty much do what you're asking for. It can stream video from your pc through your network to the XBOX hooked up to your TV:

    There's a 360 version and I think there might even be one for the original XBOX but I'm not sure.
  2. No. No xbox, wii, psp, playstation... my tv will not stream with windows 7 media player because the tv is not new and is not one of those wi... or whatever you call them? I was just wondering if it was possible nowadays. I have noticed some of the routers/converters they have on the market. I figured this would be the place to post. People who post on these forums are usually cutting edge and are in the know.
  3. I solved my own problem. It seems that Verizon Media Manager has been upgraded and now works pretty good. The resolution is a bit so so... but I am viewing avi files. It states that it also recognizes dvd files so I will try and encode and see if that helps. Last time I couldn't get it to recognize dvd files at all. Anyone else been fooling around with this?
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