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I currently have a core 2 e7200 clocked at 4Ghz with 8GB ram 500GB hd and a brand spanking new 5870 1GB I game mostly at 1680x1050... and am looking to see if it is worth upgrading to an i5/i7 rig...I may have 1k to spend.. and of course, I don't need monitor or Graphics card... I am open to suggestions from the wonderful knowledgeable people I see on here every day.. Thank you in advance
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  1. First question... Why do you want to upgrade? Are there games you are seeing lag with or having low FPS with?

    Second question... Will up plan to upgrade your monitor to 1920x1080 with these funds?

    In the end, if you are seeing lag in games, it is worth the upgrade to the i5 750 or i7 930 (AMD an option???). If you aren't seeing any lag, maybe look to upgrade your monitor and add a SSD to your system.
  2. If your looking for more multithreaded performance, I'd say just upgrade to a Q9400, they are similar in performance to a Phenom II X4 965. Also this wouldn't bottleneck your graphics card, although I doubt a E7200 at 4GHz would either. They also seem to be pretty good OCers, which you seem to like.
  3. I would not be upgrading my monitor.

    and as far as performance, i really don't have any problems in my current games, however I heard that 2033 which is a game I am looking at, needs more cpu power than what i have..

    really this is more an upgrade itch than necessity i get it prob once or twice a year esp when i build systems for friends ( which i just did)as for ssd, i was thinking of that, however I will prob wait for sata3 256GB drives to get close to 250-300.

    I have over 50 games I play depending on my mood and i would want at least 10-20 of them to fit on the ssd without worrying about performance drops. looking at benchmarks, my graphics card is being held back by a good 30-60 fps depending on the game comparing the i5 750 to my e7200.. I(f you have any more question to help me make up my mind.. just ask and i will answer

    Edit: if I upgrade, this current machine would be going to my girlfriend who is running on a very slow Athlon XP 1800 and more than 512 ram is a waste and that machine is dog slow.
  4. I'd say the Q9400 should give you enough of a boost for now and I don't believe it will bottleneck your graphics card. Its a quick, easy upgrade...
  5. The Q9400 is a nice CPU but the best current LGA 775 CPU is the Q9550 for price to performance... IMO.

    Here are some benchmarks so you can see where you would stand and the improvements over the E7200:
    Q9550 vs E7200...
    E7200 vs i5 750...
    Q9550 vs i5 750...
  6. thank you for that info tecmo.... I really can't justify spending even 200 on an older platform... I feel as though I am wasting money... am i wrong to think that way?
  7. Well... You have to think do want to spend just $200 or do you want to spend $500 for a new CPU, MOBO & RAM? Either CPU will provide a system that will last an additional year or two. Plus, one can argue that the i5 750 socket is E.O.L., since Intel has announced a replacement platform for sometime in 2011.... (if you want to play Devils advocate :D )
  8. Lol point taken.. I thought they were EOL on the 1366 platform due to the 1156 being a mainstream platform. maybe I should hold off until there is a socket with a decent run lol like the am3 and 775 was.... ( i know amd has a new socket next year as well..) so right now may not be the best time to upgrade
  9. The new CPUs coming out for the new AMD socket will be compatibble with AM3, like AM2+. So AM3 is still a nice idea.
  10. according to this article, the socket is being changed the end of 2010 or delayed to 2011
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    G34 is a server socket. AM3r2 is the new AMD desktop socket, here is a quote:

    "We also know for a fact that Zambezi will use socket AM3, meaning anyone with a DDR3 Phenom II motherboard will be ready to rock with a BIOS upgrade."

    From here:

    Hope that helps.
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  13. Thank you Punkinator. it was an interesting read.. However the article mentions that the north bridge will be on die, and due to that, will most likely not be electrically compatible with current AM3 sockets.. it seems everything is speculation though.. I do have to say that AMD's vers of smt ( cmt ) appears to be a better implementation than what intel has increase transistor count by 50% to get a performance advantage of 80% over same architecture is impressive!
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