My Computer's on life support!!! Help!!!

My computers "health" has slowly been diminishing over the past few months. I built it myself. Within the last couple of weeks TF2 as consistently been freezing up, and I would have to hit ctrl+alt+del, bring up the task manager, then CLOSE the task manager and bring up TF2 and it would be just fine. But recently it has been freezing every 5 minutes or so. Only TF2 has cause this, but its the only demanding process I run so there's no telling whether it's a software or hardware issue. For normal internet use and document composition the comp is just fine. Also, happening just recently (like yesterday) while playing TF2, I went through that cycle, got back into the game play, but when ever my first person view was at a certain angle everything would get several shades bluer. ANd it was on a couple of degrees that would cause this. ANd then later I go through the cycle and all of a sudden I'm getting hundreds of dots that blot out and blur objects on screen. I see them right now as a I type this. Earlier yesterday I got a BSOD for absolutely no apparent reason while playing TF2. I have checked my reliability monitor and there are several fatal video "video hardware errors". My graphics card is an EVGA nvidia 9600GT. THe drivers are up to date, but this card has slowly been corrupting itself I suppose. Within the last two months it stopped responding to EVGA's Precision OC'ing utility, nothing is displayed except for temps, I can no longer OC it (I was able to before). My CPU is an AMD Phenom X4 9950 that has a crippled C'n'Q that no longer functions correctly because it never throttles the frequencies correctly, so I just turned it off. I've been incredibly unhappy with my computer, it's clearly slowly degrading due to abuse on my part (which is nothing more than normal day-to-day wear and tear), or due to sheer lemon components. ALso, for some reason, I have all of then shaded out "desktop" icons in everything of mine, their icons with a grey cog in front a of sheet of paper, and they're EVERYWHERE, they never were before, and then one day while snooping through windows files they appeared. and everytime I delete them they come back! Help me please! Maybe I just just wipe everything and replace my GPU and CPU...
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  1. I'm thinking your computer overheated and fried your graphics card.
    When was the last time you cleaned your computer?
    Could be a virus, but normally they don't cause graphical errors (normally).
    Try your graphics card in another computer, if it works, then I'd reload your O.S. , do a full format, of course backing up your important files if you can, then reload. If it's still having problems, then post back here.
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