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Hello. I have an HP dv2700 laptop. My Phoenix BOIS just suddenly disappeared. When I turn the computer on, everything lights up, the HDD spins, and the fans run. When I hit F2 to go to the BIOS setup, all that is on the BIOS screen is Diagnostics. The computer boots fine to Ubuntu on a flash drive. I think what I need to do is to restore the BIOS from scratch, but I'm not sure if that's right, or how to do it. Thank you for any ideas.
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  1. The BIOS can't have gone anywhere. If there were no bios, the PC wouldn't work.

    You don't seem to be very computer savy, so forgive me if the first thing i check is that you are pressing the correct button?

    what would you NORMALLY see when you hit f2?
  2. Press the F10 key to get in the bios.
  3. You are hitting the wrong key, your BIOS did not disappear.

    When the screen is loading really fast hit the "Pause/break" key on your keyboard. Now that you've stopped it read it carefully and it will tell you EXACTLY which "F" key to hit to get into the BIOS.

    Or you can just try F10 as the person stated above.
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