SSD's - 2 or 1?

I'm thinking about buying an SSD, since my Windows is still running on HDD. I'm gamer and I record some stuff on YouTube, so I've been thinking about getting an SSD for my system and games, and HDD for recordings. The question is: should I look for two lower capacity drives and have my operating system on one and games on the second (meaning probably 80gb and 120-160gb drives), or will it be enough if I just buy one that's 240 gb? I imagine that having 2 drives will make the PC faster overall, but would the difference be noticeable?
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  1. Interesting question. The general rule of thumb is larger capacity ssd's perform a little better then smaller capacity ssd's. That's why manufacturers typically submit their large capacity ssd's for technical reviews. They want to present their ssd's in the most favorable light possible.

    The typical setup is to install the OS, software applications, favoritie games and utilities on a solid state drive and use a mechanical drive to store data.
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