Faulty Graphics card? (nVidia GTX 260)

I just got my Gigabyte nVidia card back from the manufacturer after it died.

I've put it back into my system and tried to play any game (Just Cause 2, FarCry 2, COD MW2) and I get a couple of seconds of game play before the screen goes blank, no signal detected is displayed. I get audio for a further 10 seconds maybe before that loops and I have to manually restart my computer. It is fine in general operation but the minute I put any stress on the GPU it dies. I can play COD in safe mode (ie lowest possible settings) and it will work fine but the minute I go to in game options and up the resolution she crashes.

My system is as follows if its any help:

CPU -i7 920 (standard clock)
RAM - 6Gb DDR 3 Corsair Dominator
Motherboard - Gigabyte EX58
Graphics - Gigabyte Geforce GTX260 (running 1 22" BenQ screen on VGA)
- Gigabyte Gforce G210 (running my 40" TV for media center)
OS - Windows 7 ultimate with DirectX 11
PSU - 650W Coolmaster extreme

I've tried running 3DMark but same thing happens as in the games. I'm thinking they sent back a dud card becuase I can run 3Dmark on my other card without a drama, its terrible quality but it still works.
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  1. So many veriables, did you try changing pcie slots? Wierd problem, doesn't sound like overheating, normally you would get artifacts first. Can you try the card in one of your friends computers? Could be your chipset is overheating.
  2. I might try swapping the cards over and see if the other one wants to work for me in what could be a faulty slot.
    It just seems strange that the manufacturer could send it back and I have a problem with it 3 days later. I don't think it'd be the chip set, it doesn't do it in regular operation and 10 seconds of game play doesn't seem like enough time for it to overheat that much.
  3. I changed slots and ran a 3D Mark test on the GTX 260. It lasted about 10 seconds running consistant 45-48 frames per second then bam 'no signal'...
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    I had this once with an old ATI card. It turned out to be faulty.. I got a new card sent to me and issue was solved. It wasn't getting too hot or anything like that.. but any 3D work and it would fail a few seconds into it.
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