GTS-250 connection to Toshiba 57H81

I'm trying to connect my new XFX GTS250 PC graphics card to my old Toshiba 57H81 using a DVI to component cable. This flashes noise on the tv when the PC powers up so I know the connection is there, but there nothing appears on the tv after that. This tv is capable of 1080i and 520p.

XFX publishes information about a dongle to use S-video to component. Is there a way to get the higher quality DVI to component signal?
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  1. Yes you can, but you have to set the resolution of the output with a monitor first, as the TV output is seen as a second display. If your using the cards DVI output, and nothing shows up on the TV that could mean that the resolution is too high or too low, or too odd for the television to display. Supported TV resolutions are generally

    1280x768 (for LCD TV's)
  2. Thanks. I did try that, following the NVIDIA Control Panel guide. However, when I select two monitors for setup (they point out that during boot you may not get a tv display), I get my Sony LCD monitor and an "Analog Display". The monitor has settable resolutions but the Analog Display does not (in fact, all settings for it are grayed out). I need to experiment and check the NVIDIA Control Panel, because the guide has options not available on my device, like picking different displays (my current setup selects Analog Display when it's connected prior to a power cycle). My son built this computer and he got the latest drivers, so maybe that's old documentation vs Windows 7. My son tells me to try a VGA to component cable or buy a new tv. :)
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    Heh, the new TV may be the best option, because what I think is happening is that the card is sending out a HDCP signal (high definition copyright protection) over the DVI connection (standard) and the TV either dosen't support it, or can't decode it over component. Try the VGA cable, but the quality will be a bit degraded as VGA is analogue and usually not able to display the resolution of 1080i well without some distortion.
  4. Thanks again. I'd put in a ticket right away to XFX too, and here is their not-too-surprising response:

    "That is not a supported conversion. DVI is a digital connection. That connection would have to be trying to take from the analog VGA source in the plug and convert that to component. It almost never works on any video card. There is no supported conversion for component video on this model card. GS-250X-ZDFU has a component video connection on it. Every model card that has been released in the last six months to a year does not have component video. Everything is going to HDMI. Thank you."
  5. Yeah, I was afraid of that, since component video is being phased out. I know my 9800GT puts out component video, but at the same time it is a bit older than your GTS (2 years or so).
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