AMD Athlon 64 x2 5400 Temperature?


I recently had a completely unexpected shutdown whilst playing a game which I've been playing for years. No blue screen, no errors in the logs, just immediate shut down, like a power cut (but it wasn't).

On turning it on, nothing wanted to know, lights on, fans on, no post. Black screen.

Waited 5 minutes as I'd had this behaviour from a cold start before. Turned on and straight into the BIOS where I find the CPU temp is 67C. Rather hot I thought, but didn't really know much about what the limits were for this particular cpu.

So I started up speedfan and thought the temps whilst gaming were rather hot (cruising around 68, sometimes getting up to 70+) this was from the temperature sensor labeled "CPU" in speedfan. However.... I'm not convinced this actually IS my CPU temp.

So, over the past few days I have:

- Got rid of the small amount of dust/fluff from the insides.
- Reseated the heatsink using Arctic 5 middle dot method as recommended on their website.
- Monitored temperatures a lot.
- Tried in vain to find out what my particular cpu limitations are, and what the actual temperatures I'm seeing in the various different programs actually mean.

So... are these idle temperatures in this picture normal? Large Image Linked

If not... what to do next?

This is the first time I've ever had heat issues with a CPU so I'm happy to admit I'm a total noob on that front - but I am a techy so I should understand most things you say without going ... DUHHHH.

Thanks for any help you may wish to give, and I happily accept beatings for being stupid should this be a non issue :-D

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  1. no problem, 52 C is normal for idle on that chip

    and going around 70 is normal for gaming too

    your processor is in good condition, no worries
  2. ur temp are too high!

    my old 5600+ idle at 40*c and peaks at 60*C. but i leave in a hot country (Bangladesh) and use stock heatsink that has picked up dirt like hell. + i had the cooler removed once, and i put it back in without cleaning the old thermal paste\appliing new thermal paste. so in normal condition, my temps would have been lower.

    also your 460 GTX temp is 56*C while being idle., thats too high too. GTX460 should idle at 34*C as per

    make sure u have good air flow. install a few fans on the chasing if needed. but those temps of yours with CPU idling at 51-57*C is just scary
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