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I have a T60 (IBM) Lenovo Laptop and have gone into RnR. I am now at the point where the system is asking for the KEY. I didn't have the box anymore, where the key was located, but have two differant keys on the bottom, both of which don't work. Is there any way to by pass or should I just buy new SW and write over the old XP.
Thanks Any help would be great.
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  1. Reinstalling a new legitimate version is the best way forward. If the Product Key printed on the CoA on the case is not the right one, the system must have been reinstalled before. Does the system ask for the key when you try to reinstall? If so, the key on the case might be the right one for the od system but simply doesn't match the CD. If you can find another CD which m,ight actually be yours, it may work better.

    If the system will work long enough to load Windows, MagicalJellyBeanFinder will find and decrypt the key from within the installation. Google for a download.
  2. Hello, i have some keys but i don't know my keys or work or not work if you want keys, send me email.
    My email is
    Your computer genius, Jaroslav.
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