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I'm trying to figure out what cpu and gpu I need. I was set on a 5770 card but I'm looking at going to a 5850 but would that be a better choice card and go down from a amd 955be to a lower chip to make up the money differents. I just hate to go to low on card and be kicking myself in 6 months. If i go to the 5850 what chip would be good or if I go 5770 what chip should I go up to.

I confuesed after the article on here about the i-7 920 vs the 3-core amd chip and now I'm not sure if a strong cpu or gpu is most important and I don't play over 1920 x1080 res. on 22 lcd
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  1. You can't talk about balancing your GPU without knowing what resolution monitor you'll be using.

    If you can get into a HD 5850 with a 3core CPU (x3 435 that you might be able to unlock the 4th core) vs a HD 5770 and 955BE you'd probably be closer to a balanced gaming system.
  2. I don't want to oc or unlock. I just wondering what a got combo would be. If I should stick with a 955be and a 5770 card or go to a 5850 card and maybe a lower chip.

    Thanks everyone for helping
  3. What is the price difference between X3 435 and HD 5850 and X4 955BE and HD 5770?
  4. The X3-435 + 5850 setup would last a bit longer when it comes to gaming. Though you should really consider overclocking with such a setup, as there is quite a bit more performance to be gained by OCing the 435.

    The 955 + 5770 however is still a good combination, though the video card wouldn't last as long as the 5850.

    You're probably better off with the 5850, as you are playing at a pretty high resolution.
  5. The 5850 and weaker GPU is the better choice at your resolution.
    While you may not want to OC, you may still want to try unlocking the core on the X-3 as from what I understand it is fairly easy to do
  6. In most games the x3 435 / HD 5850 is the better option.
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