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Hi Folks,

I recently upgraded my laptop from T7500 to T9600. Now when I turn on my computer it turns on the fan and some lights come for the audio. This happens fro about 3 seconds and everything turns off. I have upgraded to the latest bios that dell would provided. I don't know what else to try... do i need to reset my CMOS?

I plug in the old T7500 CPU and everything works fine!

I know that I put all the screws in placed thermal heat paste on the parts needed, plugged in the connector for the fan.

Please I need your help to get this thing to work!

Much appreciated!
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  1. Hello RawrXPS;

    Did you find the T9600 listed on your laptops CPU compatibility list? Or did you find that motherboard was using 1066FSB CPUs?
    T7500 is a 65nm 800Mhz FSB CPU and T9600 us a 45nm 1066FSB CPU.
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