Sandy bridge motherboards??

So i was looking for a friend to make him a desktop and was thinking about getting him the new i5 2500 and so found that no problem but i couldn't find any 1155 motherboard besides 2 crummy biostar boards. I haven't really browsered around newegg in awhile but i would have assumed that they would be up there by now, even made the rare trip over to direct tiger to see if they had any but didn't see any, so where can i find a sandy bridge mobo.... and on top of that what would be some suggestions, I just need a single discrete card so i was thinking of a p67 , pretty basic feature because he won't be messing with anything down there so i was thinking of a cheap gigabyte since they seem pretty good, feature rich on the cheap

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  1. The B3 versions have not hit the stores let, so I wouldn't expect to be able to purchase a motherboard to mid March at best...
  2. well as mentioned newegg has a couple of biostars there, i saw those they also had an msi but it sold out.

    asus boards i hear should be arriving this week and on sale probably early next week which is what i'm waiting for then i'll start looking into a new build again.

    although now i'm interested in the z68 boards but have no official release date.
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