Some times power button dont work

My pc was working alright for last 2 years but yesterday and today, it did not start by pressing power button, i unplugged power wires from motherboard and plugged in again three times then it worked. , this is happening again and again. Sometimes fans will start but it will not boot up, whats the problem, i have not installed any new hardware
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  1. Check to see if the case power switch has gone bad.
    How To ByPass A Case Switch
  2. when i was able to get pc on yesterday it was fine till yesterday, today it happened again.

    when fan gets on it still dont boot immediately, it takes much times then boots
  3. case switch is fine, i have tried above method also without success.
  4. Assuming you are correct that the case switch is fine,

    - does the cpu cooler fan start immediately? The system may not even try to power up if the mobo can't sense the fan spinning. If not, you can try to give the fan a manual assist to start spinning, and if the PC starts that's probably the issue.

    - other than that, the issue could be the psu (eg) not starting up when signalled, or mobo not always sending the signal to start-up.
  5. when it is ON fans starts immediately.

    i think problem is with power supply
  6. Yup.
  7. HI,

    i had same issue: fans will start but it will not boot up - after checking most of HW parts i have cleaned up case and other parts from dust and works since than.
  8. it also dont work, restart button or any other button.

    now i find a temporary solution, i let computer on without booting for sometime then restart it works then just a 5 minutes are lost
  9. I would check to see if its plugged all the way into the motherboard
  10. it was working good since last whole year but now it is creating problem, i have done nothing to it myself, just many power failures by load shedding
  11. today it happened again, i gave a blow to cpu then it started, i think something is blocking current to reach motherboard one red light is on and other is not/

    where should i look for it?
  12. You've checked all the wiring and the switches, and we can only assume you've done that correctly. The power supply is the prime suspect.
  13. Quote:
    If you still can't fix it, there's always one crazy alternative called building a new computer, and you can always ship that system of yours to an address in malaysia, AKA my house..............................................

    try using ur PSU on another com, or another PSU on ur com, otherwise take my crazy alternative method

    ok send shipping money to my paypal and then.......................... forget about it
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