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Hey all,
im building a pc atm and was going to buy a 9800GTX but then i heard an HD4870 was much better so i bought an HD4870 (512MB). All the reviews are great but they date back to 2008 - 2009 , so i was wondering , will an HD4870 (512MB) be ok for gaming 2009 - 2011?

(Games like CoD 4-6 , CMR Dirt 1 and 2 , Crysis , Gta IV and any future games like that)

P.S i dont play at a higher resolution than 1680 x 1050 , but i still want high - max settings :P
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  1. *bump*
  2. Yeh should be ok! You just woulld not be able to max out settings!!! and as direct x 11 gets better you may notice a visual difference at an incrementally but you should be fine! If you already have it use it you can even buy another for crossfire depending on your motherboard and power supply! BUT IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE DON'T BUY IT BUY A 5770 or a 5850!
  3. For your resolution HD4870 will still do pretty well...

    But you should consider HD5770 for the same price as of 4870. It has comparable performance and takes up very less power. It has a large Overclocking headroom as it produces much less heat.
    HD5770 also has DX11 which HD4870 lacks.
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