Installing new Hard Drive, do I have to transfer files?

Hi everyone, sorry this is probably a noobie question, but just something I was wondering about. I was planning on installing a new Hard Drive onto my gaming PC and I was wondering if I really needed to transfer any of the files. I have some screenshots saved on a USB, but other than that, the games and other programs can just be redownloaded. Although I wasn't sure if there was anything I HAD to save, like, to keep the computer running. Or if I could just take the old Hard Drive out and put the new one in. Also not sure if that is as simple as that either. But here are the Hard Drives I am working with, in case anyone was wondering.

Old Drive:

New Drive:
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  1. Here is an easy way to make the change. If you have windows 7 use the disk image tool and image your existing hard drive onto an external or dvds. Also have a windows repair cd/dvd made as well. After the image is created, power down your PC and open the case exchange the drives and boot with the windows repair cd and follow the directions. You can install the image and be up and running again
  2. I have Windows XP, so idk
  3. So if you have some personal files just copy them onto a USB stick. When you put the new hard drive into your case, power on the PC and go into your BIOS and change your boot order to CD and then restart with the windows XP cd in and follow the instructions to install windows. If you want after the PC is up go back into the BIOS and change the boot order to HDD 1st.
  4. Sorry bad last sentence not if you want but do change your boot order back to HDD
  5. O, so I'll need the XP CD... I don't have an xp cd. I'll need an OS cd of some sort?
  6. Yes you need the XP CD in order to reload your OS onto the new drive
  7. if it a pre build there should be a oem sticker on the side or back..bottom of the pc and a restore cd or an image on the hard drive. most newer pc it an image that you hit an f key at boot to start the restore processes. if it an older hp or dell you might be able to find all the cd on ebay if not for a small fee some vendors will ship you a new set of cd. if they cant then look on ebay for windows xp or windows 7 oem cd. if your system is not to old you can also run windows 8 on it. what i would do is install the new drive and disconnect the data cable from the old drive. install the os fresh then all the drivers and updates and programs. then install the old drive back on. then check or move any of the old data to the new drive then do a quick format on the old drive and use it for mp3 or video files.
  8. Could I switch to a different OS and still put the old drive back on like you said? Also I'm not sure what you mean by format on the drive.
  9. iLikeSocks said:
    Could I switch to a different OS and still put the old drive back on like you said? Also I'm not sure what you mean by format on the drive.

    Disk formatting is the process of preparing a hard disk drive or flexible disk medium for data storage. In order to use your computer's Operating System the disk has to be formatted, ie. prepared so that Windows or Mac OS X or Linux or whatever can be used.

    A good article on how to format your hard drive and install Win XP.

    On a related note, I'd suggest procuring a Windows 7 installation disk... It's not that hard to get one, after all.
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