Clicking case speaker w/power off

I recently installed a case speaker on my motherboard and find that it clicks when the power is off. Not very loud, but never-the-less has me wondering why. Even does it when the vacation switch was flipped off. Sometimes after leaving it off it will go away.

Asus P5k-E wifi
C2D e6850 with stock cooler
Gigabyte 8600 GT passive
WD 160
Hitachi 1Gib
Samsung 1 Gib
Optical drive
3.5" drive (not connected) w/USB card reader (connected)
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    Remove all the outside power devices and see if it stops, VGA/DVI cable, cat5 cable, ext speakers, see if it stops the clicking, anything USB that has a PS that could feed back
  2. Thanks, Number13. When I simply switched off the power to my monitor (NEC 20wmgx2, connected via DVI on Gigabyte 8600GT) it stopped. Don't suppose you could explain what is going on could you? What is this feedback? And why does it happen?
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  4. no idea, but it is scary, monitor feed back into the videocard, inverter in the monitor(I am assuming it is LCD)pushing A/C current in the card?
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