Crucial M4 Raid 0 config question

I just recently bought a crucial m4 128gb SSD and i because i have alot of steam games, i wont be able to install all the ones i like to play without switching to my HDD as the boot device. Would it be worthwhile to purchase another m4 128gb and put them in raid 0? Im not 100% on how raid 0 works but if i remember correct doesnt it basically combine the 2 drives into one so instead of 1 128gb drive you would get like 240gb? If i did buy another would i need anything special or would i just go into my bios and change my ACHI or w/e to RAID? Would i be losing the TRIM feature by switching?

CPU: AMD phenom x4 965
GPU: MSI Twin 560 Ti
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB
PSU: Corsair CMPSU-650TX
SSD: Crucial M4 128gb
HDD: WD Caviar Green 1.5 TB
OS:Windows 7 Home 64bit
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    Instead of creating a RAID-0 array with the 2 drives, just use them as separate drives.
    Use this software for your Steam games:

    Yes, you lose TRIM when you have drives in a RAID array but it’s no big deal. Garbage Collection recovers drive performance.

    There’s no fault tolerance with RAID-0. So if one of your drives dies then you lose all of your data.
  2. So if i copy the games over to my C drive and then move them back to the D drive they will be playable from the D drive because of the registrys that were installed? If so that would save me from buying another SSD.
  3. Correct
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  5. Thank you sir you just save me another 120$ :D
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