Intel 915G pantiam D 915

I have Hp compaq dc 7100 CMT .its have 915G intel chipset.. it supports 800 MHZ FSb.and Pentium D also support 800MHZ FSB... can i use Intel Pentium D 915 processor???
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  1. Hello murtaza55;

    It looks like the HP Intel 915G motherboard in HP dc7100 CMT does not support Pentium D CPUs.

    Other 915G chipset motherboards that do not support Pentium D CPUs.
    Example: Asus P5GD2 Premium CPU support list
    Example: GA-8GPNXP Duo (check the CPU support list)
  2. yes you can, but be sure to get good cooling, the pentium D heats up a lot
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  4. Intel 915 no worky with Pentium D unit. +1 WR2
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