EVGA GTX 275 tempratures

I've noticed that my GTX 275 temperatures while playing are around 75-85 (sometimes even 85-88) on most games (some are heavy like JC2, some aren't so heavy like GRID). While playing I always set the card fan to 61%. Idle temps (fan on auto - 40%) are 40-48 which is very good.
Do you think that my load temps are too high or its normal on these heats?

BTW, my case is well cleaned from dust, has 2 fans (one pushes air in and one out), if it helps.

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  1. 88C Under load is just about ok, Its alittle hot but its still fairly safe. Maybe up the fan speed alittle bit more or add some more fans to your case (2 fans isn't alot).
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