Installed SSD, how to clean up the HDD?

New SSD: OS, BF3, Photoshop and basic programs.
Old HDD: OS, files (videos, books, music...), progams.

Goal is to clean up the Old HDD while keeping a copy of OS and files.

Choice 1: Disconnect SSD, and boot OS on the HDD. Then, one by one, uninstall programs that are non Fraps, uTorrent, Photoshop... (These can all be easily added again.) And search for files.

Choice 2: Move files (movies and such) to another HDD then wipe the HDD with DBAN. Afterwards, replace the files and install a backup OS (in case SSD has issues)

Any suggestions?
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    Choice 2 is what I would do with variation. I would just format the HDD partition it with a partition the size of the SSD and create and exact copy/clone of the SSD with all programs on there.
  2. I already created a backup of my SSD on an external drive. It only includes the OS, but that is sufficient.

    I may just format the HDD, but I thought a thorough wipe might give me better performance or space.
  3. Not as important with HDD as SSD's. Nothing wrong with doing that though.
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