Question about new CPU

As far as im concerned you sometimes have to change your motherboard when you are buying a new CPU.

Well im looking ar buying this one:

AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core 260 3.20GHz (Socket AM3)

But im not sure if I have to replace my motherboard or not, therefore im looking for help here.

Ive installe dEverest and got this under my motherboard:

Asus M2N78-LA (Violet)

If you need more information then please dont hesitate to ask
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  1. PS:

    Is overall that processor good when handling games ?
  2. Hmmm so It looks like I wont be able to use the processor I mentioned because it has a AM3 socket, right, or am i missing something ?
  3. Ok.

    So would you just recommend me buying a new mobo ??
  4. Hmm I guess I could just buy a AM2+ Mobo that supports AM3, at least that would save me some money instead of buying a mobo, CPU, AND ram
  5. Well, not necessarily, I mean if you do get your mobo/cpu, you might as well upgrade the ram to for future proofing. Also, bad cpu, Mainly for pricing reasons. Because you could get a triple core for that price, the 440 Rana and it'll multi-task much better. IT also is a great budget CPU. I don't think your going to OC so the C2 stepping really doesn't matter. Or at least when you OC its not going to be alot. And a great budget mobo is the Asrock 770 Extreme3 or 15$ more and get the Asrock 870 Extreme3 (which is a great board) Ram can just vary from 50-100$ 2gb-4gb :P
  6. Hey, thanks for the reply and also thank you for mentioning that Triple core processor. I will probably buy that one now.

    Im a mid-end gamer and since my current CPU kinda sucks (2.3ghz dual core) Im looking for a replacement. Im mainly focused on TF2 at the moment and people say its more CPU based game than GPU.

    So with that triple core 3ghz CPU, how big would be the difference in games such as TF2 from the current 2.3ghz dual ?

    Sorry im a noob at hardware
  7. It's ok, ummm TF2 really varies, for me i play it and i'm fine, its ever so often random drops to like 50fps but no lower. TF2 is actually a balance of GPU/CPU reliabilty. In my opinion it relies on the GPU alot more than the CPU but that's just me. The triple core will allow you to multi task. For instance you can run a virus scan while doing something else. Because like most games run 1-2 cores so if tf2 is a dual core game, you have a single core left to do something else with.,2666.html

    That guide'll probably help you get an idea. Though the cpu they use is the 445 not the 440, little difference though, the only real diff between the two is the C2-C3, but if you don't OC c2-c3 really doesn't matter.

    You'll probably see a minor difference. Games rarely rely on the CPU more than the GPU but with that cpu you'll be able to run it a little smoother.
  8. So im guessing its a pretty decent CPU.

    And yeah, well only strange thing is, in Source games such as gmod or dods, I dont get any lag at all, 16x AA in CSS, highest settings and it runs fine

    TF2 In other hand, medium, no AA, drops to 40FPS at times and at firefights 30-40
    so after reading many threads on how to increase FPS in TF people kept saying thats its a much more CPU based game etc, therefor I wanted to get this CPU

    So would you just say go for it ?
  9. Yea sure, your overall performance will improve a lot, i don't know bout TF2 though. Because i went from Phenom II X2 550 (not unlocked) to Phenom II X4 955 OC'd to 3.9 and saw no difference, or at least not a lot. What's your GPU?
  10. Atm I got geforce GT220 as a temporary card.
    After buying a new mobo and processor I plan on buying a 250 GTS or 260, not sure yet
  11. I'd recommend the Asrock 870 Extreme3 XD Although you gotta upgrade ram, you might as well future proof now. Plus it has 2 PCI Express slots for 8x/8x so you can SLI in the future. The good thing also is that the difference from 8x/8x vs 16x/16x is only 2% XD

    IF you plan to get the 250GTS its a great budget card. But if you go with the GTX 260 you might as well get the 5770 or the GTX 460. IF you want a great bang for the buck the 460 is the way to go. IF you want a cheaper but also great solution the 5770 is a great way to go. they both scale well. As the 5770 Crossfire beat the 5870, and the 460 SLI beats the 480 GTX so ya know good scaling.
  12. Ok, thanks.

    I think ill go for the TriCore CPU u linked then, seems a solid one.
    Also thanks for recommending that mobo, ill think about it
  13. Alright you need anymore help? If not just close the thread up and pick best answer. :D XD
  14. Mhm actually, You only mentioned that it might not help Alot in tf2... (The new processor)

    What about other games, such as Oblivion ?
  15. Umm, usually games are GPU dependent not CPU. The only great improvement area that i would notice is the RTS category. Since most RTS games are cpu dependent, other than that and multi-tasking/compression/winrar i wouldn't see huge improvements in graphics. But you'll probably get like a 3-4 fps difference :P RTS it'll just lag less.
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