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Hello, just completed my 'New Build and discovered my PC does not recognize my Velocity Raptor, what could be the problem?
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  1. Hi Guys

    I have the same problem. One of my clients brought a seagate HDD to me because the OS would not start up and I discovered it was not being detected in the bios

    I put it in an enclosure with still no luck. There is 3 years of important data on it and the drive still spins up?

    Could it be the HDD controller board and I have to send it to a lab to have data recovered.

    I could recover the data myself if the HDD was discoverable in bios or via USB

  2. Dorsey - make sure you have both data and power cables connected. if the drive spins up try a different port on your motherboard. else try a different drive.

    Snet - don't hijack a thread, start your own :)
  3. Hi Snet, yeah it does read like we have a similar situation. Lets keep the lines of communication open and either one of us can keep the other abrest of their progress.
    Thanks for your response.
  4. So Dorsey were you able to try any of my suggestions? what troubleshooting have you done?
    You have a hard disk being installed in a new computer which could simply be user error while Snet describes a known working hard disk that has failed. While you could also have a defective hard disk, we still haven't ruled out all the other possible factors that could present the same symptom such as a bad data cable or power cord etc.
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