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so I got my new SSD today, and eager to try it out, I accidentally plugged it into an IDE port on my motherboard instead of a SATA one. I only realized the mistake after installing Windows 7 on it and finding out the performance left a bit to be desired. So I am wondering, can I simply plug my SSD back into a proper SATA port and boot from it without doing anything special, will it work? I don't want to try it out without being confident it won't break something :(

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  1. Are you sure?
    An IDE port is 3 or 4 times longer than a SATA port:
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    Hmm what now? You can't plug a SATA drive in to an IDE port. I'll assume you had your SATA port in IDE mode instead of AHCI. In which case it won't boot if you change it. You must fix windows first

    FYI googling switch IDE to AHCI would have answered your question
  3. Wow indeed, I got a bit mixed up there :). My registry was already properly set up (somehow) so I just changed my controller from IDE mode to ACHI, and it worked without making any OS changes. Perfect!
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