How much memory can I really get!

This is what I have
ASUS h55 mobo
i3 cpu
4gb of G-skill 1600 DDR3 memory........
(no GPU)
Windows 7, 64
powerDvd 10

I have 4GB of memory, my computer is reading a little less then 4GB (like 3.85 or something) I keep reading on the web that some mobo's can't read anymore then 4GB?
Seeing as I'm not running a GPU, i have my iGPU memory set at 128mb in the bios.

This is what I have got kind of understood right now.

- Win OS requires 2GB
-PowerDvD 10 system requirements are 2GB
-I set my IGPU at 128mb

This is my Question:

so running 4GB should be good right, and, or would my system read more then 4GB? I'm getting a little delay in playback sometimes and I was thinking it might be a mem problem....let me know if i'm overthinking this one.
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  1. 8 gb of ram wouldn't hurt. I saw someone selling (2) 4 gb sticks for $45 yesterday on craigslist where I live. I use the same ram as you; I spent $50 on it just a couple of months ago.
  2. Do you think my MoBo would actually recognize ALL 8GB if I put 2 more in? I will just put (2) 2 gb sticks in. I do like this ram tho! for the price you can't beat it....Wow you got a sweet deal!
  3. All you have to do is go to your motherboard webpage on asus website or and see the max ram listed and divide by the number of ram slots. I didn't buy the ram as 8 gb uses too much space on my 32 gb ssd, leaving me with only 6 gb of space with windows 64.
  4. YoungBuck said:
    I'm getting a little delay in playback sometimes and I was thinking it might be a mem problem
    Might be just me, but I think your problem with playback is due to...
    YoungBuck said:
    This is what I have - (no GPU)

    Since you state "no GPU" then I assume you are using the gpu that comes onboard the motherboard/H55 chipset and most likely any issue with "playback" is due to the onboard gpu of which more memory will not help, only getting a dedicated gpu will.
  5. I have the i3 clacksdale cpu with integrated graphics (igpu), I thought it was supposed to handle dvd's and blu ray
  6. Onboard graphics does handle blu ray, just not as fast as most separate video cards. Did you load the Intel HD driver? The default is plain vga.
  7. HD driver?

    thats a good question. When i started the system for the first time I updated windows 7 64 right away, But I didn't see any HD driver? I would think that is something thats programed in the chip it sel,f because thats how they marketed it, and thats why I bought it.......

    Thats like selling a sports car without the fast engine lol
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    The hd driver isn't installed until you load the windows 7 updates, or you can download it separately off Intel's website.
  9. I updated windows right when I started up the computer for the first time. Even so I have powerDvD 10 software, I would think that would have done the job?

    I just got done looking on the intel website and you are right, I found an up to date graphics driver and some sort of graphics accelerator?
    I downloaded both of them, then I ran the program that rates your systems performance and it went from 5.3 to 5.4 so i guess it worked!

    Now I need to play a movie and really test it.

    Thanks guy......
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