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I have an old Dell Dimension 4300, on which I'm trying to upgrade the memory from 1x256 to 2x512 MB. The memory arctecture is SDRAN PC133. I have tried the two new memory modules together and seperatly and together in both slots. Every time I get 6 bleeps "8042 gate A20 cannot be toggled" and A green, B yellow, C green & D yellow.

I would be most grateful for any help. Its driving me up the wall.

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  1. 8042 refers to the keyboard. Check your connections from keyboard to mobo. A20 Gate refers to the keyboard controller on the mobo. "cannot be toggled" implies that the keyboard isn't detected.

    The A20 Gate can be toggled (open and close) and is intially off by default. The OS opens the Gate to gain access to the full range of physical addresses.

    If the problem persists after unplugging and replugging, try swapping keyboards. If the problem still persists, you may have to replace your mobo.
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