When will the DX11 cards drop in price?

When will the DX11 cards drop in price?

The ATI 5800 cards have been out for more than half a year, and they're still over MRSP price!!! :fou:

I've been wanting a high end dx11 card, but decided to wait till Nvidia releases in the hope that ATI would lower their prices.
7 month later...so much for that idea... >_< :cry:

I heard ATI is having a 58x0 refresh this summer? Possible drops in prices?
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  1. depends until competition builds up ati wont lower their pricing

    Nvidia blew me up when i came to know their 470 is less powerful than a 5850 so
    i got a 5850

    buy ati for now
  2. You do come out with some crap King game, A GTX470 is deffinately faster than a HD5850. There's no two ways about it.

    I'm alittle dissapointed that ATi haven't reduced their prices of the 58xx series cards yet, considering that the 58xx series cards have been out for 7 months now and that in America atleast, the GTX470 and GTX480 are very competitive in terms of price/performance.

    Perhaps when the ATi 58xx series refresh cards come out it'll drive down prices, You can only hope.
  3. Any clue on the date of the refresh?
  4. i don't think there will be a price drop, the 5830 is $240
  5. fml...
  6. People don't just reduce prices because they are kind and want to give you savings. Of course they want every penny out of you so unless there is competition, there will never be a price drop.

    Nvidia isn't putting up much of a fight right now even with the GTX 400 release there are no cards to go around. ATI cards are performing in line with them as well. So there is no pressure.
  7. The GTX 480 is available, there are 3 models in stock at newegg right now. Same for the GTX 470. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=gtx+480

    As to lower prices, the 5770,50 are about the only ones discounted. Recently saw 1gb for 135.00 and a 5750 today for 130.00 .
  8. Nvidia just released their own high-end cards so there's little reason for ATi to do a quick refresh. Even if they did a refresh, there's little reason for them to drop the price as you're getting a lot of performance (relative to today's games) for not a whole lot.

    Also ATi has filled all the other price segments below the 5800 line. This makes lowering the price a tight squeeze as they would want to put a fair distance between their card's prices.
  9. I don't think we'll see significant drops in price until ATI's new lineup is released or nVidia cuts prices on their competing cards, forcing ATI to match/undercut to compete.
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