890fx's UD5 and UD7

I am trying to figure out which of these two to get. I have enough money to get either one while
still getting everything else I want. At first I figured I would get the UD5 and have had it in my cart.
Then I decided to look at all the boards once over and thought that the UD7 was even more cool.

The thing is I pretty much get the exact same functions but the UD7 being a 7 series, meaning it
has a few extra features. These features probably aren't worth the extra 60$, but this board
does seem to have it all, and would fit nicely into the HAF-X I am going to get.

Anyways I will probably have this computer for probably 3-4 years if that, and will probably buy a new
graphics card every so often so there is a chance I will want 4 cards, but having 3 is higher chance
and the UD5 has it.

So pretty much what I would like to figure out what the UD7 has that the UD5 doesn't. So far I have found few. Besides for video I watch were they said the 7 series are made better than any other series, but from
I can tell they are the exact same besides for a few things.
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    Do take note that UD-7 is of XL-ATX form factor so one has to make sure choice of casing is compatible to house such boards ^^
  2. Yeah I know of this and I already chose the HAF-X back when there was just them two videos in
    I did consider a lot everything and one of the reason I looked into it was cause atx forms look small
    inside the case, so I was thinking of something a little bigger.

    It is a 60$ difference and I already have pretty much everything I wanted.

    This is the config. I have been looking at:
    AMD 1050t maybe the Phenom 965
    Gigabyte UD5 maybe the UD7
    HAF-X w/ Coolermaster 200mm,120mm, and 80mm blue led Controlled by Kaze Master Pro
    Corsair HX850
    EAH5850 DirectCu
    Crucial Ballistix Tracers 4gb blue
    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
    Windows 7 64 bit Home
    OCZ Solid 2 60gb
    Asus DVD Burner(I bought a dvd drive not to long ago but it is IDE)
    With the Ud5, 1050t, and having another case that is 200$ in place of the HAF-X,
    this all comes to 1613 w/shipping then I get 20 mir making my goal of around 1600ish

    **I recently bought a 23" Acer, I already have 2 internal and 1 external HD combining just over 1tb, and
    I already have speakers, mouse's, keyboards, printer and wireless hookups**

    The few upgrades I would like to get realisticly is windows pro and the ud7.
  3. Unless there's something in particular you need, there no reason to get more than a UD4.

    Do you actually need the extra features of win 7 pro (primarily network based)?

    Whats the purpose of your build?
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