Simple or vapor-x??

i want 2 buy an ati graphic card & found decided 2 buy hd 5750 1gb of sapphire.i m getting 2 options either simple 1 or with the vapor-x technology.which one should is better &cheaper??
any better gc in this range?
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  1. com'on guys,give ur review...
    I want ur help!
  2. An HD5770 is about $15 more than an HD5750, and you won't regret the performance increase.
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    better = vapor-x
    cheaper = the simple 1

    No need to get the vapor-x edition.. These chips don't produce that much heat.. The HJD 5770 is a good 10% faster than the HD 5750 so if the pricing (in your area) is in your budget then you should go for it..
  4. If the price different is not much then take Vapor-X.

    Also consider what shadow said above, get HD5770 instead of 5750, the price is nearly the same. :)
  5. why don't u get a single 5850 or 5830
  6. ^ True that, esp. considering prices are about the same.
  7. hey guys now i am looking for a cheap psu. is atek 600 psu allrit 4 me??
  8. I have had 2 Antec PSUs die on me within a year of purchase - I would stick with Corsair, PCP&C or Cooler Master
  9. A 550Watt Corsair will be more than fine.
  10. On the Vapor - X debate, have a think about overclocking in the future and noise levels. the standard card is easily the noisiest thing in my case (7 case fans, and a Zalman Aero flower)
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  12. +1 for corsair psu's, absolutely love my hx1000.
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