Antec 1200 Liquid Cooling

What would I need for an:
Intel i7 OC'ed to 4.0 ghz(i have an ultra extreme radiator on it now, barely doing the job)
GTX 480(didnt buy the FTW Edition off the bat...)
6gb OCZ Platinum RAM (3x2)
and a Gigabyte Extreme Motherboard (comes with a 3/8" size water block)
and maybe.. liquid cool my Thermaltake TX-850 PSU
My budget is under $600, so if anyone could show me to some good LC components that would be great!
And it needs to fit an Antec 1200 with soon to be 2 graphics cards so space is becoming tight.
Thanks in advance!! :D
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  1. Here's a video link that may help you, I don't personally do LC so I can't help with cost estimates. This video should supply info and other links as well. Good luck with your build.
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