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I just purchased a Lite On DVD reWritable burner. I use an old version of Nero. This burner was manufactured in October of 2011. It says it can't burn/back up my discs when it needs to. Everything is plugged in correctly.

What is the issue?
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  1. did you check if this burner need driver
  2. what version of nero and what os?
  3. My OS is XP. I'm using Nero 6 Ulta Edition and my dvd burner was manufactured in Oct. of 2011. Could I have a possible compatability issue?

    Thanks for the response.
  4. nero 6 do not have any more support from the maker
  5. Not a fan of nero i use imgburn.
  6. check to see if the aspi drivers are fine. most people get the newest ones from adaptec for xp. if the aspi drivers are fine see if you have the newest firmware on the drive. also try turning the burn speed down to 1x and see if someone has another brand of disks. could be a firmware issue where the drive cant read the new media.
  7. Yes, I slowed the speed down to 1x. Thanks for the help.
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