Sat down to upgrade my PSU tonight

I expected this to be as easy as it was last time - unplug and replug cable by cable, easily. It's not going to be, now that I've really looked at the cable work inside the case. Cables are tied up, underneath the PCU, and I believe below the Mobo. The reason I need to upgrade the PSU is so I can use my new 9800GT. The computer in question is a Dell XPS 400, P4 build, stock 375W PSU.

My questions for Gfaqs -
1. What would your plan of attack be? How should I go about rerouting all these cables so that I can use my new 450W Corsair? My plan at this point is to unscrew the other side, and see what happens, though I won't be doing this until tomorrow.

2. Am I safe to use the 375W on the EVGA 9800GT 512MB (Other specs include 3GB RAM, 2 160GB HDD's, and a 3.2 GHZ P4)? The second of the HDD's can always be unplugg'd, because I still have to mess with the RAID setup on it.
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  1. Hello Ralkyon;

    2. You're safe to run your 9800GT with that Dell 375W PSU. It uses less power than a GTX 260 which is known to run on that PSU.
    1. Does the right side of the XPS 400 case even come off? If not, you're probably stuck taking the whole motherboard out.
  2. Uhh, well, it looks as if I can unscrew it, but what I believe to be screws don't have the normal screw tip with indentations. It's a straight circle. Bad description, but you may be able to figure it out. I'm going to work on getting some photos.
  3. Mmk, here's a picture of the screw looking thing, sorry for the terrible quality. x_x
  4. That 375W PSU has 30amps of +12V power.
    Others have done PSU upgrades on the XPS 400.
  5. Yeah, I can't make out exactly what that is. See if you can find a clearer photo on the Net of that that screw assembly looks like.
  6. Ralkyon said:
    Mmk, here's a picture of the screw looking thing, sorry for the terrible quality. x_x

    Um, that's a rivet.
  7. Based on that picture, I'll go ahead and assume I can do it. Either way, I'm happy to hear I can run the 9800GT. I appreciate all the help. :)
  8. Oh, I might as well ask, seeing as how you seem to be fairly adept with the XPS400, delluser1. How did you get the cords out from beneath the CPU?
  9. You need to loosen the screws on the left side of the heatsink shroud and swing it towards the I/O plate, then there are a couple of wire clamps that need to be released in order to pull the cables.
    Be prepared to clean the cpu and heatsink and reapply some thermal paste.
  10. Alright, sounds fun. Again, thanks for the help. :D
  11. You're Welcome.
    Keep in mind that, as WR2 pointed out, your 9800 GT should have no problem on the stock psu.
  12. +1 on keeping things simple.
    The system won't run faster with the newer (and very nice) Corsair 450VX in place of the Dell 375W PSU.
  13. um yeah you have to remove the heatsink and shoud (one unit) but i usually dont reapply the thermal paste and it hasnt been a problem...
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