How can expand my ram memory 2gb to 8gb in windows 7 32 bit

am using win 7 32 bit os. can i expand my ram memory 2 GB to 8GB? any one can tell me how i can expand?
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  1. No you cannot, however you can expand your Ram to ~3.5 GB. 32 bit operating systems only use up to that much.

    As to how you add the ram, it depends on what your using, your motherboard in particular as to which ram you can use.
  2. you have 2gb ram and you want o expand it to 8gb impossible.
  3. You can expand it, but a 32 bit operating system can only address up to about 3.4 GB. The most you can put in is 4 GBs with your operating system.
  4. but how is that possible someone understand me.
  5. You will have to give us your system specs. Every system is different and can use different ram types.

    What motherboard do you have? When you find that out, go to the manufacturers website and find out what ram type you need. DDR2? DDR3? It will say on the website.

    Once you find that out, figure out how many ram slots your motherboard has. Probably one or two. Buy a four GB stick or two 2 GB sticks. Unscrew your case and you will see a 2 GB stick of ram already in there. Put in your new stick(s).

    Obviously your machine needs to be off when you install your ram sticks. It is very easy and takes just a minute. The only thing we can tell you is to find out your specific system specs and what type of ram your system can use. Then you buy that and install it.

    For an installation video, check out youtube. There are a million of them and they will show you exactly what you're looking for. The process is very very easy. I can change my ram sticks in under 1 minute so don't be afraid to get into your system.
  6. You can place whatever your MoBo can handle in the available slots. However that won't do any good as 32 bit windows can't see anything over 4 GB, in reality about 3.5.
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