Blown Motherboard ?

I had my Laptop plugged into a cigarette lighter in the car I started the car and the fuse in the cigarette adapter burned out

the notebook was ok and I shut it down
now when I got home I pluged in the factory adapter and the notebook doesn't charge

I disassembled the notebook I noticed that the wires from the AC jack lead directly to the motherboard

I'm not sure if the whole motherboard is burned out or the battery or maybe a small fuse on the mother board
I can't locate any small fuses there
Can I charge the battery somehow without the notebook see if it will start ?
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  1. No, you can't charge the battery without it being plugged into your laptop. The only way to test a dead battery theory is to keep the battery unplugged, but connect the AC adapter to the laptop. You'll be bypassing the battery. If the laptop powers on, then you know that the jack is good; if not, then you may have damaged the motherboard.
  2. You could be right but I want to try to fix it before I trow out the mother board
    I read in other forums that there is a power controller circuit somewhere on the mobo
    that could be burned out
    components like fuses and ICs cost pennies today
    I know that the laptop works because it did when the incident happend the battery was dead and I shut it down
    when I try to start it the lights come on but then it dies immediately ....the battery is dead
    and when I plug in the adapter the signal light that the adapter is plugged in doesn't come on so it means the power is not flowing from the adapter to the battery
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