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My CPU's output are at 0 if I'm not doing anything. when I make a video call with the webcam they are at about 60% and if I use my MagicJack phone with my webcam because I can't hear well they are at about 80% spiking at 100% and when that happens there is no sound for about 5 seconds. I thought I just had a bad internet but I'm wondering if I just have a bad computer? It's a dual 2.33 with 4 Gigs of RAM and a one Terebyte drive so it's not a slow computer.

Intel E6550 (Dual CPU) 2.33 Windows 7 (64 bit) 1 TB HD RAM - 4 Gigs 6400 Video - EPCI 1 Gig DSL 7 megs
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  1. Magic Jack is a poor program, I know I have it. You need a faster processor. The speed requirements for the program (I think) is 2.8Ghz. So you don't need to upgrade, you just learn how to overclock the system to 2.8 which shouldn't be too hard and you'll be off alot better.
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