When connecting to HDTV using HDMI cable how do i remove the default resolution


I generally connect my laptop to my full HDTV but just now when selecting the option for resolution at which my tv would appear I selected greater than 1920x1080 by accident and now i can not connect my laptop to the tv because when i reconnect the hdmi cable, my mouse cursor disappears (i tried using short cut keys on my laptop to reduce the resolution to what i normally have it but the laptop crashes and i have to turn it off and on again)!!! How do i undo this mistake?
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  1. try using "system restore" to "Go Back In Time" a few days ! click- start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore at this point follow screen prompts-windows will walk you through what to do ! give it a shot and Good Luck!!
  2. Find a current version of the display drivers for your laptop.

    Uninstall your current drivers, then install the drivers you download. That should reset the resolution.
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