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Hi, I'm new to overclocking but I'm interested in trying it. I have a few questions. First and foremost is it safe and to what maximum speed should i attempt to overclock my cpu. I have a intel duo core 2 e7300 and i read online that it is good for overclocking and can push from 2.66 to 3.5-4. I would be using to mainly playing Starcraft 2 in combination with a GTS 250 at 1080p high/ultra settings. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
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  1. It's safe. And it's easy. The speed you can get is related the rise in temperatures.
    What motherboard do you have? Are you using the stock Intel CPU cooler?
  2. My motherboard is ECS GF7050VT-M and yes I'm using the stock Intel CPU cooler
  3. Your motherboard isn't especially well suited to overclocking due to limited vCore and various other voltage related adjustments in the BIOS settings. It doesn't seem to have a strong voltage regulation circuit either. And your ability to overclock is probably going to be limited due to typical Nvidia chipset instability when overclocking.
    You might be able to get something close to the low end of the range you mentioned.
  4. hmmm..interesting, if i do attempt to overclock it should i be satisfied with a 3.2ghz or should i not even bother with it because my motherboard is not suited for this task
  5. You'll be letting the CPU core temps be your guide as to how high you bump things up.

    Here is the THG Core 2 Overclocking Guide
    You can look that over and maybe hang out in the THG Overclocking Forum and get any help you need with the guys who hang out over there.
  6. ok thanks for the help
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