Does moving home pc via car ruin sound on pc

Help! Does moving pc in car when moving ruin sound. I've had no
sound at all since hooking up again in new home. Does the
hard drive do any shifting while moving. Could that be the cause?
It was working fine before move.
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  1. Open it up and check that all the cables are still in tight. I have moved my machines back and forth by car a fair amount and never had an issue, i cant think of any better way to get them from place to place.
  2. 1. Check your speakers. Plug the audio cable into a standalone MP3 player. Is there sound?
    2. Check your sound output. Get a pair of headphones. Plug the headphones where the sound output goes. Any sound? You did plug the speakers into the correct port didn't you - not the line-in by mistake?
    3. Check your device settings. Is the sound card device driver correctly installed? I am quite sure this won't be the problem unless you have a discrete sound card, as moving the machine won't cause this.
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